The Traii Family Line was a Nullian Noble line, believed to have been started by Erend Traii in 8,325BDW and ended with Ruger Traii in 8BDW

Generation I

Erend Traii (8,599BDW-8,298BDW)

Sophitia Traii (Born Sophitia Were) (8,401BDW-8,295BDW)

Generation II


Greggor Traii (8,336BDW-7,989BDW)

Uai Traii (Born Uai Quene) (8,334BDW-7,990BDW)


Drent Traii (Died an Infant)

Dee Boree (Born Dee Traii) (8,402BDW-8,004BDW)

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